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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 18, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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a gun battle in the street leave as 2-year-old boy hospitalized. he was hit by a stray bullet while playing outside his family home. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the 2-year-old boy was playing at his family's home on sunny side street near 92nd avenue. this afternoon's shooting was up the street near 94th avenue.
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noelle walker is live to tell us how the little boy is doing tonight. noelle. >> reporter: julie the hospital toll us the child is still listed in critical condition. this is not where a 2-year-old boy should be spending the night. children's hospital in oakland is becoming a much too frequent stop for a child. >> they don't know the aftermath of what they have done to somebody's child. >> reporter: it happened this afternoon, broad daylight. the trail of a running gunfire that spanned the 94th and 95th hundred side of sunny side. two blocks away a child was playing on the sidewalk. a stray bullet hit him . when a shooting like this happens, police talk and police are all ears. >> you can't keep quiet.
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you need to come forth. this need to stop. there's too many kids dying on the street. >> reporter: since 2011, five children under eight years old have been shot and killed. among them 8-year-old adrian martinez shot by his father's taco truck. 23-year-old hyrum lawrence that died at the hospital where the late latest victim is recovering from surgery. it isn't just a crime problem it's a health problem and women and children are often collateral damage. >> that fear of being struck by a stray bullet. fear of random violence alters the pattern of life in entire communities. >> reporter: making people afraid to let their children play outside even in the middle of the day because they might be next. >> whoever did it, you know i
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wish they're looking at this now because how would you feel if it was your child. your nephew, your baby. >> reporter: we saw several detectives here outside the hospital earlier this evening. police have called these shooters cowards but thai will find the shooters, they will also need the public's help to do that. more details now, in a statement tonight oakland mayor jean quan called on the community to solve this case. she promised police will pull all the stops to find the shooters. the strike has stopped b.a.r.t. trains and inconvenienced hundreds of thousands of commuters. news chopper 2 got pictures of the idle trains of the hayward yard this afternoon. tonight all indications are this strike is not going to be over any time soon. bottom line the impasse
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continues. no b.a.r.t. service and no new talks are scheduled. two sides did argue their position in front of the cameras during the evening news tonight. the unions talked about a proposal and b.a.r.t. called it nothing new. >> the union sent this letter to the director they calledded it a compromise and a way to stop the strike. >> this does not give the employer, b.a.r.t., everything they want but it gives them a significant agreement that yields to what their concerns are. >> reporter: at 5:00 p.m. the sciu leadership announced they had a riders first plan. a way to return to the cycle. the main sticking place had
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been work rules such as schedules and time. the union asked be sent to arbitration. today the union's letter agreed to drop eight demands and repeated the call for arbitration to hammer out the remaining issues. >> we will not be reopening every single section of the contract. over 60 sections of the contract that we've come to agreement on. it would be the list, the issues that are left unresolved on the table putting those before neutral arbitrators. >> reporter: but b.a.r.t. said the letter contained nothing new. >> if b.a.r.t. wants to negotiation not until union leaders are ready to make to their significant changes. requires b.a.r.t. managers to come to mutual
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agreements. b.a.r.t. says that's inefficient and wants management to be able to make changes without consulting the union. what's clear tonight is there's rally no easy fix to this labor dispute. it remains unresolve even after going to three federal mediator. >> seems like the two sides are totally on their corner. what happens next. >> we understand, b.a.r.t.'s general manager spoke with the mediator but there's no meetings scheduled. there's a key deadline of october 22nd. the unions need to vote on their last best final offer or they will not be able to get any reto active pay that has been included in b.a.r.t.'s proposal. >> sound like it could go for a while. for thousands of b.a.r.t. riders caught in the middle today was the second test of
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how to navigate the bay area. the practice back in july may have actually helped. deborah villalon back in san francisco with how commuters faired trying to get out of city tonight. >> reporter: we're at the bus terminal which was a mad house until about an hour ago. even now if you look across the way you'll see a long line of people who are just now starting to board another transbay bus. where in strike two and many commuters tell us it hasn 't been as bad as they feared but they're worried for next week. friday night leaving the city is always best. but when b.a.r.t. stops so does traffic. >> i was at the front of the line. the bus that were here refused to take me because it was full. so now i have to wait for i don't know how long. >> reporter: commuters were waiting in long lines for buses.
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this cook needs to be back at the san francisco zoo at 8:00 a.m. a job hadn't he department have in july. >> this time i wasn't working in san francisco. i was working in oak land. so i'm starting to feel the pinch now. >> reporter: those who decided to drive found themselves gridlocked on the embarcadero. casual car poolers gathered early knowing how long lines would be. >> it's like every man by himselfs. if you see someone going to vallejo, you just have to flag them down. >> it takes longer but i got to have a cup of coffee and a donut. and i get to relax and look at the bay and it was really quite nice. >> at some point b.a.r.t. is going to have to start running again. i feel like they're losing way too much money to stop running. >> reporter: b.a.r.t.'s
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chartered buses were once again a big hit with more coaches and stops than two months ago. >> you got the last train. >> i'm lucky. if i get stranded i guess we'll have to get a taxi. >> reporter: ac transit will continue with extra service and charters will run this weekend three hours in the morning, three hours in the afternoon. there's a lot going on this weekend with a cal game tomorrow and the san francisco women's marathon on sunday. reporting live in san francisco, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, caltrans says it saw traffic delays increase by about 30% during the morning commute. interstate80 in alameda and contra costa was the worse with a 50% in san francisco. 6,000 riders were on the mission street corridor and ac transit told us it made 22 additional trips across the bay
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this morning and its buses were standing room only. the transportation management center where traffic is monitored tells us today's traffic got heavier earlier than usual and it expects monday to be even worse. caltrans said to make sure traffic moved as smoothly as possible it had extra tow trucks on stand by all toll booths were staffed and the car pool lane hours ran all day from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. has tools to help you get around next weekend and through the week. you'll find transit schedules and more right on the front page. new developments tonight in the case of a woman who was found dead in the stairwell of a hospital in san francisco. ktvu has learned that the family of 57-year-old lin spalden has now hired an attorney to represent them in the investigation of her death. her body was found 18 days
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after she went missing from her hospital room. several investigations are under way as to why it took so long to find her. authorities have said there was no foul play involved. ktvu has also learned that spalding's body is in the process of being returned to her family for cremation. former california mayor is vying for an opportunity to run for president of the united states. the austrian born governor has been openly talking about his political aspirations while promoting his new movie escape plan. picking up the pieces after a devastating fire. and the accusation that some are taking advantage of residents misfortune. >> the start of your weekend. i'll show you where fog is making a come back and how long it could cool things down. >> coming up next, your tax dollar paying for police recruits badly ne
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new video tonight out of oakland where a little over an hour ago, police took a woman into custody after the they say she led them on a high speed chase. police say a hispanic woman driving a blue crown victoria with exempt plates refused to
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pull over. the chase came to an end when the car she was driving spun out. she was taken into custody without incident. now to san jose where the police union says half of its recruits are looking to leave. turns out the police officers union is holding job fairs to help those officers find work some where else. maureen naylor live in san jose to understand why they're doing that. >> reporter: everybody agrees the san jose police department is understaffed but tonight a growing debate about new recruits looking to leave the department already. you don't have to look far to find now hiring signs from south bay law enforcement agency. but according to the san jose police officers association out of the 40 recruits who graduated out of this academy class at least 17 are looking to turn in their 17 badges and go elsewhere. >> it's incredibly discouraging to learn that the people we just hired are walking out the
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door for other agencies literally not having been on the streets for more than a week. >> reporter: those in city halls dispute that figure. others put the number closer to seven. >> i am not surprised a few is leaving. the police union have been working all hard to get them to leave. >> reporter: the union is hosting job fairs for other hiring law enforcement agencies. the union admits to the practice. >> quite frankly they have the worse pension system in the state. >> reporter: we compared benefits among the bay area's police forces and found the biggest disparity lies with retiring costs. in coming police officers have to pay 9% of their hiring to their pensions. incoming san jose police pay about double that for pension and health care. >> we have to compete. we'll make adjustments along the way.
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but we know that officers across the state are going to have to pay more for their retirement benefits. >> reporter: like most agencies, san jose police doesn't have anything that requires recruits to stay after the academy. los angeles pd is one of few agencies requiring officer to stay for five years. oakland police also have a retainment policy that requires new officers commit to four years or else reimburse the city some of the trains costs. >> reporter: san jose police tonight say they're working to get more accurate figures to release to the public. meanwhile a new academy is just starting with about 55 recruits. reporting live tonight in san jose, maureen naylor. the prime suspect in the killing of a federal investigator from oakland was formally charged with her murder today. 56-year-old randy alana did not enter a plea. he is scheduled to do that monday. alana is accused of killing
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koch. she disappear and her body was found five days later. he told ktvu he rekindled an old relationship with koch after he got out of prison last year. police in campbell say they have arrested two men accused of stealing more than $150,000 worth of apple products from fry's electronic stores. price and penney are now in custody. authorities are still looking for 26-year-old lawrence eperson of bay point and donald horns of oakland. investigators say the men are part of a motorcycle gang who are responsible for thefts. a man has been arrested
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for dry ice explosions. the latest arrested was the ground supervisor of the first man arrested. a san francisco fire fighter has now been cleared of all charges in the death of a teenage passenger on asiana flight 214. ktvu's cara liu tells us even though prosecutors say the girl's death is a tragic accident, this is not the end of the legal battle. >> reporter: a sad and tragic accident that's how district attorney steve whitestaff described the death of the student. the student survived the crash of asiana crash 214 but was killed by a fire truck responded to the scene. >> at the time the fire vehicle ran over her was covered in foam. there was no way that the driver of the vehicle was going to be able to truly see that
11:19 pm
there was anybody there. >> reporter: the san francisco fire chief issued a statement saying the department continues to explore areas where improvements can be made and if not for the professional rescue triage that were conducted by all involved agencies, it is likely that there would have been a greater loss of life. boston based attorney told us by phone this is a tragic accident that never should have happened. >> firefighters who knew that the girl was there on the ground outside the airplane failed to take care of her. they didn't examine her properly. they didn't move her to a safe place. and eventually they abandoned her outside the airplane. >> reporter: he says he's preparing to file a civil claim on behalf of the girl's family. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. the share of a google stock store passed the $1,000 mark
11:20 pm
today for the first time. the spike was triggered by google's better than expected earnings report. when google went public, shares sold for $85 then. the stock has been climbing steadily for the past five years. today a single share closed at $1,011 and change a gain of 13%. on wall street the dow gained 28 points, nasdaq rose 51. beside google fell and corporate earnings reports from general electric also helped drive stocks higher. an earthquake rattled parts of santa monica this evening. initial reports put the epicenter near on around salinas. >> reporter: coastal seas were in the 70s in system places.
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with that fog numbers at the coast 50s and low 60s. fog back at the coast tonight. that fog is going to be back and forth -- at least tonight and tomorrow morning. you can see it out here right now. it's on the ocean beach. stinson beach as well. look for fog right along the coast. it should burn back. the computer model sets us up. i can assure you the fog is going to be there tomorrow morning right along the coast. but then it brings it back as the daytime goes on. i suspect we will see more clearing coast side. we'll be watching it for you. rosemary will be looking for the highs. 80s, lots of 80s through the bay. the coast is the question. right now it looks like there'll be partial sunshine there. when i come back 10:45. five day forecast get specific with your daytime high and into next week. infected with west nile. what we know about two human cases in contra costa county. then at 10:30, taking stranded commuters into his own hands. one man's ride sharing solution
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to the b.a.r.t. strike. and their homes were gutted by [odeling plays ]
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fire invest investigators are trying to figure out what sparked an apartment fire that left two people critically injured including a child. the fire started in west l. a. roughly 700 people lived inside that building. tenants of a redwood city apartment building that went up in flames yesterday returned today to pick up their personal belongings. as ktvu's robert handa reports some of the displaced residents say they've been victimized a second time. just when one person can
11:25 pm
carry. >> former tenants of the terrace apartments gathered outside their old home to try to get their lives back on track. many residents ran on climbed out from the six alarm fire that starletted on the third floor yesterday morning. today paul jacobson and others came back to see what personal belongings you can retrieve. >> if i can get my laptop and something else that would be great. i definitely have to get my car. >> reporter: the fire department limited retrieval. >> getting important documents is becoming difficult. it would make my job a bit easier. but it's an unfortunate tragedy that happened. >> reporter: some residents said finding a place to stay has been difficult. one man who asked not to be shown said he was angry that at least one local motel was taking advantage of their misfortune. >> i asked him what the rates were and they said they were
11:26 pm
105. but when he heard there was a fire the rates went up to 160 a night. so i was blown away. >> reporter: fortunately today many tenants retrieved what they needed, general -- jenkinson got his car and laptop. >> that helps as far as getting my life together. >> reporter: fire officials say they have wrapped up most of their physical investigation but have not determined the cause of a fire yet. in redwood city, robert handa, ktvu news. a shooting tonight involving a gunman in one car firing at another car ended with a crash in san leandro. it happened at the intersection of dutton and bancroft at 7:30. the car smashed into a car then hit another parked car. the woman driving the car suffered only minor injuries. two other people in the car were not hurt. the people in the second car
11:27 pm
doing the shooting ended up getting away. two more people have now tested positive for west nile virus. the contra costa mosquito and vector control say the two adults are both from the eastern part of the county and were likely infected back in september. a total of five people are now confirmed to have contracted west nile in contra costa county this year. they were ordered to shut down. the latest effort to save a north bay institution. plus a bicyclists killed by a nunni bus. the investigation into what happened and the call for change by cycling advocates. and in two minutes,
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continuing coverage now of the b.a.r.t. strike and rallies taking place across the bay area in support of union workers. news chopper 2 caught these images at the port of oakland tonight. a group of union longshoremen struck alongside striking shore men. commuters have options such as ferries or casual car pools but what if you need to get from point to point in the east bay. sol -- some folks are getting a little creative and taking their fates into their own hands. >> i believe if you have work solutions you have a say in the problems. >> reporter: for many east bay residents the problem is that without b.a.r.t., ac transit's 138 lines are their best options. but today there were hang ups. >> usually the transit is very
11:31 pm
reliable but today not so much. >> reporter: francesca explained how her plan to navigate the east bay fell apart. >> i asked my boss if i can take the day off and he said no. so i came to emeryville. went to west oakland and they said they wouldn't be leaving until 2:00 p.m. i came back over here trying to get on the f. 3f were full so now i'm rating for another bus. >> reporter: elizabeth also had trouble. she and her four children ended up in oakland. >> we have almost four hours on the road taking buses and buses yeah. >> reporter: when the bus they were waiting for didn't stop crews almost stopped. her frustration compounded by not knowing when the strike will end. still ride share add have cats point to an upside. according to mtc after the strike was announced 289 people signed up for the ride share program. the day before there were only 64 applications.
11:32 pm
right now ride sharing may seem to be a last resort. but javier pene che believes that can change as commuters share resources to get around. patti lee, ktvu news. even though there were no passengers, some b.a.r.t. trains were running. b.a.r.t. says it's important to keep the system active to make sure that the tracks don't rust. the b. -- b.a.r.t. says it also serves as security. the work is being done by a small group of nonunion employees. an east bay city counsel man steve glacer was at the east bay station today. he was asking for signatures to get the unions to sign a document to not go on strike.
11:33 pm
>> they can't make the riders responsibility for their failure. they can't strike. >> reporter: glazer says transit workers in san francisco and other cities across the nation are already prohibited from striking. and stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the b.a.r.t. strike. we'll bring you developments as they happen on air and to your mobile device via facebook and twitter. a bicyclists is struck by a munni train still has not been identified. we checked with a medical examiner and say they do have fingerprints but have not been able to identify the person's identity. they're looking at footage from a cameraon the bus hoping it will help determine what happened. >> reporter: the time around 8:45 a.m., the intersection 11th and division the call, munni bus versus bicycle. >> i don't have information at this time as to the direction of the bicyclists was traveling. but what happened is the
11:34 pm
bicyclists did suffer life threatening injuries. >> reporter: three dozen passengers were about to turn on to bryan at the time of the collision. he said the driver a 10 year munni veteran stopped. witnesses on and off the bus were interviewed. >> we're working with everyone we can. it's too early to say exactly what took place here. >> reporter: this year four bicyclists have been struck in the city. two died south of the market the fourth happened in the mission. >> i've been hit by two cars. >> reporter: adam tyson. >> you're out here supposed to be a trained professional bus driver. the things i see them down is just mind boggling. >> reporter: tonight the san francisco bicycle coalition said it's calling on the city yet again to fix intersections like this. an intersection where some say a man, his bike should have never come to a rest. >> san francisco is a very congested city with very narrow
11:35 pm
streets and so we ask people if your a motorist to watch out for pedestrians and motorists. >> reporter: the driver currently on nondriving status during the investigation. mike mibach, ktvu. president obama swore in a new head of homeland security. j.c johnson is a long time counter terrorism advisor and worked as the pentagon's general advisor. he credited the 56-year-old new york native for helping to craft and implement many of the country's national security policies. if confirmed, johnson would replace janet napolitano who left homeland security to become president of the university of california. the public will be welcomed
11:36 pm
back for tours starting next month at the white house. tours were cancelled when the sequester went into effect. now a new spending plan has been approved and the tours will resume on a limited basis as of november 5th. the white house is to be opened about three days a week. the battle over the bates oyster company has been reopened. it is a last ditch move that the company hopes the company will keep them in business. drakes bay operates within the point rays national seashore. the interior department wants the area restored to its natural wilderness state. if the petition is accepted, the case will be reargued before the entire 11 judge panel. the oyster farm remains in operation in the meantime. chicken making hundreds of people sick. so why hasn 't it been
11:37 pm
recalled. >> it shouldn't be up to consumers to cook this out. >> the federal agency accused of not protecting it. >> the impact it could have on your area after the weekend.
11:38 pm
11:39 pm
alameda county sheriff deputies got their man tonight after a car chase in the east bay. the suspect crashed his car in hayward shortly before 6:00 this morning or this evening rather near the intersection of foothill boulevard and d street. the driver ran off and was later captured and taken to the hospital in an ambulance. when we first heard the chase the car was an unincorporated castro valley.
11:40 pm
deputies have not told us how it began but have told us there's reason to believe the driver was armed. watch the high lighted area on the right side of the screen. the big rig suddenly veers across all lanes of southbound 101 in redwood city. it tumbled over the center divide on wood side road. the chp says as many as seven vehicles were damaged but no one was hurt. it happened just before 11:00 this morning. federal officials say california is violating the constitution when it punishes prison inmates based on their race. california prison gangs is typically organized by race and riots often pit members against one another. prison officials often lock inmates in their cells based on race whether or not they were involved in the riot. the justice department says the practice violates the equal protection clause of the 14th
11:41 pm
amendment. a well respected faculty member from santa rosa has resigned from the ethics center. steven diamond is an associated professor of law and says that he decided to cut ties with the center for applied ethics because he felt the center and its directors are overstepping their bound. earlier this week, several faculty members protested the school's decision. a former speaker of the house tom foley died at his home in washington state at the age of 84 of complications of a stroke. the flags on the capital were lowered to half staff in honor of the democratic congressman. foley served 30 years in the house and five as speaker from 1989 to 1994. the democrat then lost reelection. a casualty of the so called republican revolution. foley was remembered today for his graciousness and as a leader who could build consensus. education supporter malala has a good excuse today for
11:42 pm
skipping school. the 16-year-old was summoned by queen elizabeth to a reception on youth and education. and malala presented the queen with a copy of her book, i am malala. it recount it is assassination attempt on her life by the pakistani taliban for malala's advocacy for the education of girls. celebrating in st. louis tonight, later in sports a 9-0 shut out that is sending the cardinals to the world series. our chief meteorologist bill martin is updating our forecast. he'll take it right on through the weekend and show us what is
11:43 pm
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pg & e has reduced pressure in the line after an internal pg & e e-mail raised questions about a quote san bruno like situation. pg & e insists that the line beneath britton avenue is safe. the puc has promised an investigation. city officials in san carlosen plan to hire a team of consultants to review pg & e's records. there are new questions tonight about whether washington is doing enough to safeguard food safety following a salmonella outbreak linked to foster farms chicken. the government's response is inadequate say some. >> clearly something is not working. >> reporter: consumer groups are agasp the federal government is not recalling the
11:46 pm
chicken behind a salmonella outbreak. chicken sellers and the usda should guarantee that raw meat is contamination free before it ever enters your kitchen. >> it shouldn't be up to consumers to cook this out. >> reporter: foster farms announced changes addressing slaughter practices this week. the usda says the company has implemented enough changes to continue operations. through safety watchdog consumers union says prove it. >> why is foster farms suddenly going to be producing safe chicken when it hadn 't been for so many months this year. why is all of a sudden foster the farms safe when for so long they had the same problems. >> reporter: i just learned the democratic congress sent this letter accusing the agencies of failing to protect consumers against what they call a clear public threat posed by foster farms. a usda spokesperson says a mandatory recall is beyond the
11:47 pm
agencies authority. and calls the letters against the group activism. consumer groups tonight are applauding a decision by target and wal-mart to rate thousands of products based on safety and sustain -- sustainability. federal regulars have practically no authority over what goes into personal care products. >> it is mercury in mascara and face creams. lead in lipstick, heavy metals in kid's face paint. the list goes on and on. target says it plans to rate 7,500 products for hazardous materials starting next year. temperatures today were on the warm side. we had highs in the 70s and 80s. 83degrees in napa today.
11:48 pm
77 in vallejo and 73 degrees in concord. there's a little bit of fog at the coast. that fog is going to keep things kind of on the cool side. with the fog back, coastal areas not in the 60s anymore. or not in the 70s anymore but in the 60s and low 50s. patchy fog in the bay area. it's going to be very nice. warm in the inland valleys. a cooling trend in the extended. high pressure is set up and that's what's pressed the fog right along the coast. it's really dense out along the beaches right now. it's dense out in the great highways and out by the park in the outer richmond. overnight lows just like the last few nights very cool. most of us in the mid- and low 40s. weekend looks good. it's been a good run. all last week, this week and then as we go into next week it looks like it's more of the same with this high pressure setting off a slight offshore
11:49 pm
flow. and shunting the fog it blows the fog right out. but that's not what's happening now. the flow is not that strong so the fog is just getting stuck at the coast. forecast highs tomorrow eight # in napa. 80 in fairfield. 83 in vacaville. those are forecast highs for your saturday. 83 in brentwood. a lot like they were today temperature wise. sun will come out there, and what it does you will get into the mid-60s along the coastal sections but not as warm as we saw earlier in the week because it was warm. we had 70s, even low 80s showing up in pacifica. half-moon bay pumpkin festival going on this weekend and the weather looks great. fog in the mornings though the next couple of mornings but daytime highs you're going to get into the 60s. not hot but just right. there's your five day forecast looks like a good one. i tell you next week you look at the five day, kind of
11:50 pm
continues that way. it's not, i don't see rain and i don't see big heat i just see this nice continuance of nice warm temperatures. >> so tomorrow 7:30 at night. >> anything you have outside is going to work. >> nice october weather. >> that pretty much sums it up. mark is here now, cardinals going to the world series. >> second time in three years of course denied by the giants last year. but i tell you what no hollywood ending for the los angeles dodgers this time around. as the fact is it was probably about the most anti climatic finish you could ever want for a title game. the leading man for l.a. clayton kershaw out of it. dodgers backed to the wall very lose but l.a. left their fight in the pregame. scoring matt carpenter and that was just a little bit of what
11:51 pm
was to come. a preview. scene robinson, puig overthrows everybody. 4-0 lead. kershaw gave up four runs in seven. just 5 innings as a matter of fact. started the fifth inning. beltran robs one. uribe and he is the nlcs mvp13- 2/3 scoreless innings. cards await a detroit-boston winner and you will see that game right here on channel 2. 9- 0 the final. shanghai surprise early this morning. they get hammered out between the two teams. warriors looking very lose. mark johnson ready to go because he knows he's coming home soon. andre iguodala with the steal and the slam on the other end.
11:52 pm
warrior fans hoping they'll see a whole lot of that this coming season. 5-3, 25 points 26 point win. and the warriors are coming home victorious. and perfect on that trip. it was a very simple strategy that decided tonight's high school game of the week. run, odeling plays ]
11:53 pm
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rivalry game tonight bragging rights for the city of cupertino in our high school game of the week. a very familiar outcome for this match up. monte vista continues to dominate. cupertino 76-yard drive.
11:56 pm
anthony pozeti quarterback keeper 9 yards 14-7 at halftime. cuperitno but monte vista dominating the yard. 45 on the first run, one of its first touchdowns gone again. 52-yard pick this time. monte vista attempted three passes all night and they win the conquistador helmet signifying supplementty and cuper to the tino -- cupertino14-monta vista28. and leveling the sharks with a cheap shot in the back of the head tuesday. they decide a five game without suspension without pay is adequate. la pierre will lose salary while foyle is still unable to
11:57 pm
play. he could miss more than five games. how is that fair. down home country charm and not an insincere bone in his body has died of natural causes. he was 90 years old. always had that cowboy hat on and always very quotable guy. had some great stuff. once time he said about a coach he admired. you can take hism and beat yourn and he can take yourn and beat hism. >> one of his famous quotes. that sounds like phillips. >> you can catch the replay now. and you can follow us any time on twitter, facebook, and the ktvu app.
11:58 pm
have a great weekend, good night. >> good night. odeling plays ] [ hans ] toaster strudel! [ angelic music plays ] don't overthink it. [ hans ] warm, flakey, gooey. toaster strudel! faster than kenny can dodge a question. honey, how'd that test go? [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack defying, satisfying mmm. totino's pizza rolls. mm-hmm. hmm. [ female announcer ] zero to pizza. pronto. now in two bold new flavors!
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he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! so i should probably get the last roll...
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yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop.


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